Terra Cotta Dreamin’

Possibly it’s due to the overexposed sun here in California that has led me to fall in love with a very California, desert-color scheme.

Earth tones:
Greens. Grays. Terra cotta. Cinnamon. Mustard. Mauve. Teals. Blues
Soothing. Grounding. Natural.

Imagine looking at a desert scene. Starting at the ground level with it’s bluish-gray sage mixed with the tans and grays of the sand and rock. Moving up you would find the greens of the foliage plastered against the mustard yellows of a terra cotta-cinnamon sunset that bursts a few streaks of pinkish-mauve into the sky, before turning into the various teals and blues of the setting day.

Now grant it, it’s not a huge leap to ‘earth tones’ from ‘natural whites’. But I see the earthy tones making their way into our home more and more since living out west.

I’m not really a ‘southwestern girl’ when it comes to decor, but I do appreciate the natural elements of linen and leather, hand-thrown pottery, hand-woven textiles, wicker and wood. Those natural items feel more intentional and less fad-driven.

I recently grabbed some very unstaged pictures around the house, of the earthen tones that are finding their way into our rooms. The space heater is out – for the chilly mornings still. Things are as they are in our everyday life. I think that’s the part of this sensation taking me over: a willingness to embrace more of what is, and less of what should be. Maybe it’s California. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s just part of the evolution of life – but in the great scheme of things…there’s very little that needs to be worried over and we waste a lot of time doing it.

I’d rather spend more of my brain space on thinking about the things for which I have to be grateful. It’s a retraining of the mind.

The days are getting brighter and warmer around here – making the occasional rainy day a direct insult. What do you mean I can’t go outside today?!

Most of my plants have new leaves, still tightly curled but peeking out now and again to see if the atmosphere is right for their unveiling. Scott and I have had more than just a few lunches and talks out on the patio and the birds have been devouring their bird food in the feeder.

I have been daydreaming more and more about a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. And more and more I want to learn the history of the northwest. We are surrounded by beautiful land and sea. Now that the rains are letting up, I look forward to more and more exploring.

The first desert pictures are images found on Pinterest. The below image is from The Joshua Tree House at Saguaro National Park…and the inspiration behind my desert dreams of late.

Presidents’ Day Cabinet

I don’t know about the President’s rotating cabinet, but I am so so so in love with my new China cabinet.

Have I mentioned my extreme love for Facebook Marketplace?! I have found so many treasures on that site – and am learning to be patient and wait for the good stuff.

A few days ago I saw this cabinet on FB and jumped at it. I *think* it matches my grandmother’s corner China cabinet that my parents have in their dining room. (And yes, I called my father and told him to put my name on a post-it note and attach it to the back of it!) -ha!

We went to pick it up this morning. The man who sold it to us did an AMAZING job of wrapping it up tightly. I am so very thankful for that (and have given him a high rating on Marketplace because of it.)

After cleaning and buffing it (I’ll talk more about that in a separate post), I began filling it with some odds and ends. I didn’t put all of my dishes in there because I wanted some variety. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been collecting transferware dishes this year so I put some of that inside as well.

Then I took the opportunity to snap some other pictures of our main living area. We are really enjoying this little California cottage. People have asked me before what my home decor style is and quite honestly, I don’t know. If there’s a mash-up of colonial/primitive/cottage/contemporary – then that’s it. 😀 We are constantly trying to simplify. In some corners we are okay. In others, not so much. It’s an ongoing process, right??

Walking in our front door you see this…

Here’s a quick walk through of the living room- dining room area…

Another thing –
I ordered some embroidered sheers for the dining room window but they are VERY MUCH on probation! I am ordering another pair to see if I like those better. For now, I’m calling these my RBG sheers since they look like her collars. -ha!!

Thanks for indulging me with a zillion pictures of our new baby (who, as it appears on the back, was born in 1951.)

Here’s to Presidents’ Day cabinets!!